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Thursday, February 17, 2011

When Form Defies Function- Raku This~

Craft versus Art
The argument that brings ceramists to their knees has long been based on aesthetics. The belief that art must hang on a wall has forever been disputed.
 Pablo Picasso created his art on many mediums, clay being one of his most cherished.

 No one in his right mind would call Picasso a potter. But his pots were pots. And his plates were plates. Are these works considered "Craft"? A resounding "nooooo" echoes though the Art world.

I am not comparing myself to Picasso. I am not that narcissistic (or crazy). But when I create an object that performs no function except to engage the viewer, I consider that work, ART. Raku firing of vessels has long been a driving force in my life. These pieces hold no particular function, they cannot support water, food, flowers, or for that matter, me. This piece  is one of several in a series of thrown and altered boxes. Yet it can do nothing for you. Except make you happy to see its beauty. I call that art.