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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watercolour-The Match between the Motive and the Medium

A Peaceful Resolution
Watercolour vs. Me
It's Clean. OK?
My real problem with most media I use is that I am not fond of mess. Obviously, that is not a good thing for an artist to declare.Every so often, I make a decision to use watercolour in the way I would use acrylic. But the end result is not what  I am pursuing. Watercolour has a mind of its own. And we are not of like minds. I want the colour to move. And it doesn't. Then I want it to be stable. And it's not. It wants to be painterly and lovely and pleasant and form trees and flowers and other fauna. Struggle. Scream, dab, wash, scream again.
No, it will not conform. What a miserable, stubborn... no wonder it's associated with kindergarden. I hate you. But, then. A mark that I actually like. One small, unsuspecting mark. In the full sheet of paper, one insignificant mark which makes me happy. The brush, the paper and the watercolour have come to an agreement to make me crazy and continue to paint. Ah ha! It's a plot. Then the gloves come off and the match continues. Usually I lose. But I am a stubborn s.o.b. too. So here we are. An impasse.
I fold the paper, maybe rip it to relieve some of the stress.

Well, at least the clean-up is easy.