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Friday, August 5, 2011

Subject Matter Matters- Or does it?

Encaustic on Board. Sold. Detail below.
Subject Matter Matters- POPPIES MY WAY
I have blogged about flowers before but the subject still annoys me. How to paint them in a non-painterly way. Such a ubiquitous subject matter, flowers. Especially the poppy. The watercolourists suprema. The penultimate flower. Great colour, interesting form. And of course. It's not a rose.

Roses, another sore point for me.

So here we are, choosing to paint flowers again. Poppies that are not easily identifiable at first glance. Encaustic is a wonderful medium for my goal. Wax and paint will move the painting along without giving the whole story away. Happily, I am somewhere between impressionistic and abstract.  If  I would be so bold as to give advice on selecting subject matter for painting I would say, the subject matters and then it doesn't. Are you clear on that? Of course you are.

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