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Friday, June 22, 2012


Porcelain Tea Set- 4 Pieces. $500 Can.
One of my forays into painting came from the inability to explain why craft can be art. Functional craft is rarely considered in the same elevated stratus as other forms of art.
 It takes some real talent and understanding of form and function, chemistry,technique, style, firing and on and on to create this tea set. It is an accomplishment of a number of skill sets as well as creativity and originality. And yet, it is just a tea set after all. How can it be art?

I  no longer care to argue the case of craft versus art. All I can do is make beautiful objects which are permanent, one-of -a-kind, and artful. The obvious resolution is integral to my art and my craft. If I say so, it is. ART.
High Fire Porcelain Tea Set by Hannah Reim
And it pours beautifully.

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  1. Please email me for the specs and the individual images of the tea set if you wish to purchase. Email address is posted on my blogger profile.