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Monday, November 29, 2010

Blah, blah, blog Part Deux

I have always created something. Until I was in my late thirties, I thought I was a writer. Using words like tools. Constructing, persuading, and finagling through language, I made my way through the corporate maze of marketing, advertising and finance by putting pen to paper. Yup, that was then. People wrote with a keyboard attached to a typewriter or in a pinch, paper and a pen.
The last decades of my life have been dedicated to the translation of words into the visual.
After studying ceramics and fine art at several schools, including George Brown College and Toronto School of Art, I have transformed myself into an ARTIST. What a loaded word... and a loaded profession. I still write... but now it's limited to FB comments and Tweets.
The above painting is entitled, "How Do You Feel Now". I think it says more than reams of paper, don't you?
My work is for sale, various venues carry my ceramics and my paintings. If you are interested in purchasing anything you see here or you wish to visit a gallery of my work, please email this writer!!!

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