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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ah, beloved little bottle, where are you residing?

I thought it was time to pay tribute to a  beautiful crystalline bottle which I have been missing for a while now.
I am a ceramist as well as a painter. Yes, I know that you know that by now. But I like to say it.
This bottle was the result of two years of testing crystalline glazes. I would not want to revisit the catastrophes I endured during that time. Pieces stuck to the shelf, glazes puddled in one glassy mess, the pot bare or even worse, no crystals. So much work, so much loss.

Appropriately, these little gems that survived had a high price tag hanging over their head.

Nothing compared to this result. It was crazy, crazy good. And so it sold to a woman from Germany. I know this because the gallery where it was showing told me so. She also bought the only matching plate. For a good amount of money.

But even so, I long for this piece. Hopefully little bottle and plate are dwelling in a beautiful home in Frankfurt, (or wherever), and safe from the clumsy hands of children or housekeepers who don't know the value of objects of beauty.

That is my farewell diatribe to this piece. Perhaps, I can reproduce a close clone and blog about it in the future. But don't count on it... I know a one of a kind piece when I see it, and so did the collector.

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