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Saturday, April 2, 2011

When An Open Mind Meets a Free Hand

Mastering The Loose
Over the years I have discovered that I am inherently a free spirit. You would never think that if you know me personally.
I am seemingly conservative, appropriate and obsessive. When I started to study painting and drawing, all these character traits went into hiding. I was the Osama Bin L. of the art world.
Other students exclaimed how fortunate I was to be free and loose with the brush. I didn't want to reproduce anything closely, although I did learn how under the guidance of many competent and  structured  art educators.
But once I realized how unhappy I was to make small marks, shade and light in obscure areas, follow the perspective relentlessly, I rebelled.

I now understand.
I am a rebel. An "Outsider" in artistic terms. And I love it. Thank goodness for my modern and contemporary fellow artists- now I am not shunned by galleries, art collectors and other traditional artists. But even if I am, I don't care. Love the Rebel. Love the Freedom. All serving to be the truth, seek your internal mentor and love who you are.



  1. The first photo is a partial view of the painting,although much more than the detail image. You need to see it up close and personal to love it!