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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Observations from a Participant

I have always thought of myself as a participant in life. Never one to take to the sidelines, I declared myself to be in the midst of the huddle. Not really a quarterback but not sitting in the stands. My inspiration for this piece was the construct of relevance, of activity, of movement. But after decades of placing myself in the vortex of day to day business, I have come to appreciate the quiet observer. In the corner. Looking outward and inward simultaneously.The joy of others "doing" has meaning in my life now. Never a spectator until now; I am slow to appreciate the ability to "follow". Yes, being the centre of your own world is important to self recognition and growth, but at what point does that change?

The time for me to sit idly by and observe will come some day. Not today, but some day. In the interim, life offers the opportunity to participate and to watch, Both are integral to my happiness and fulfillment.I am mindful of the time passing quickly. It provides me the immense pleasure of  creating and viewing. Equally happy to paint  and to walk through the Tate Modern and view.

This painting is a good reminder of how wonderful it is to "see" and "be seen".

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  1. Observations is a painting by Hannah Reim Artist,

    Framed- $1200 Canadian