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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Marks, Water and Mystery

LIQUID LADDER- Watercolour on paper by Hannah Reim-Artist
There are times that inspiration for a painting is buried  deeply in the unconscious creative mind. I look at the sheet of paper before me. Nothing. I wait. And wait.

Then I release the images floating around and decide to free the beast. My hands have a life of their own and I throw down. Literally it is a battle royale  between the mind and the spirit. And voila. The brush moves itself in the most mysterious directions without any conscious  input. A construct of pure movement and a tango  between the hands and the brush. And the paper. And the paint. And water flowing, flying, splashing the walls. You are jealous, right? 

My ability to zone out intellectually is my gift to myself. And sometimes to you.

The resulting image is a mystery, a collision. And ultimately, the exact feeling I was looking for all along.

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