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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Clay and Wax

Detail View
Much as I want to paint, my success in clay keeps me in the mud. It has become a conflict of interest for me. I sell my ceramics quite successfully and have built up quite a number of collectors. So every so often, I have to replenish my inventory to keep the reputation in check. But I really just want to paint more.I have been painting with encaustic oils lately and made my objet de clay :) my subject for the images. So here is a painting I did yesterday. The little bottles of clay stand happily in my den. I will post the images of my models for this painting. Oh yeah, be careful what you wish for- success comes with a price. Like a comedic actor, I have been TYPECAST! Potter! Nooooooo. One more thing.
Encaustic does not photograph well. The painting is full of interesting texture which is pretty much obscure in the picture I have posted.

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