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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two Heads are Better than One

Mixed Media on Paper

When I start creating a piece I never see the end  in my vision. I am envious of artists who do, or is that at all possible? Paintings are like babies, they form themselves with a little help from a few tools (I am not calling men tools!).
It's always a function of evolution... art grows, brush stroke by brush stroke, a viral living and breathing object. The viewer is the final component... emotively transforming the piece to an organism which moves, speaks and sometime screams. It's the falling tree in the forest. So congratulations lovers of art... you have finished your first painting every time you cast your eyes on a piece. What do you bring to this piece of art?


  1. That was profound. You're so eloquent mom! Keep up the amazing writing.

  2. Thank you Lauren, I take that as a real tribute coming from someone who loves words and writing!