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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Minimalism or Bust

Why the Devil is in the Details

It is always a challenge to finish the painting... sometimes it can never be complete, whole, and full. Like a glass of water, not another drop should be added or the water will spill over the top.

I love small marks in paintings. But I don't enjoy detailing the piece... like a car. Maybe it's my fondness for simplicity, quiet and an ease of statement. Here is a concept. Don't reproduce objects to the nth degree. That flower doesn't need stamens, it has them already. Make a large petal-less flower. Now that's an artistic  challenge.
Some artists defy this philosophy. If the eye can't read it, the painting isn't good. Bullshit. Here is my statement in encaustic and it says everything I need it to say. You think you can do what I do because it looks simple. Well, guess again. Simple images which come from my psyche are deliberate, honed before hand and really quite complicated intellectually. Because that's who I am. A complicated mind which expresses itself in form, colour and emotion.  Peace out.


  1. Love the execution of tis piece....Beautiful!!

  2. Thank you Jeannie! Peace is always beautiful!